Sep 12, 2016

Get paid solving captchas, make easy dollars or Bitcoin

2:36 PM Posted by Rico , 11 comments

Rating:  (4/5)

I just tried 2Captcha, a service that pays you for every captcha solved. I'm so surprised of seeing appreciable rate, you can now get paid to solve captchas!

Earn 0.32 to $ 1.00/1000 CAPTCHAs solved. Withdraw at least $0.50 

How it works?
After a quick registration, you can start working. Click the "Start" button and a first captcha will load. Be sure to fill out the captcha correctly, repeated mistakes can cost you an account suspension. Once your captcha completed, click "Enter" and new captchas will scroll. You get paid from $ 0,5 by Paypal, WebMoney, PerfectMoney or Bitcoin.

How to earn more?
You can start by trying the 2Captcha software, it allows you to fill only Google Recaptcha ($ 1/1000). You can download this software here. Find referrals is a good way to increase earnings, they bring back 10% of what they earn!


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