Sep 10, 2016

Earn free Bitcoin with best paid to click sites

Getting paid to click has become a great way to earn free Bitcoin. Many users use PTC or bux because they are simple to understand and it's easy to earn a bit money.

On some paid to click sites, there are many other ways to complement your earnings, such as complete offers and tasks, watch videos and cumulate bonuses. But especially we advise you to use and share your referral link. Find referrals is a great way to quickly multiply your winnings.

#1st - Free4Faucet  (5/5) - 46 to 100+ satoshis/click
PTC with many ways to earn Bitcoin: paid clicks, Youtube PTC, GPT, Coinwall, games, Dogecoin & Bitcoin faucets. You can also create your own faucets rotator. Referral: 50% - Payout: 500 satoshis within 24 hours.

#2nd - BTCclicks  (4/5) - 75+ satoshis/click
A classic bux, with strong referral rate, you receive 80% of your direct referrals and you can also rent new. Premium membership gives you 200% of your clicks and 160% of those referrals.

#3nd - Bitcoinads  (4/5) - 180+ satoshis/click
New PTC with revenue share program set at 120%. You can invest the earned money, and receive 120% within 40 days. Payment from 0.001 BTC, 50% of your referrals earnings & 5% commission on purchases.
#4 RefBit  (4/5) - 60 to 95+ satoshis/click
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