Sep 4, 2016

1000 satoshis per hour offered by PocketDice

Rating:  (4/5)

PocketDice is a simple dice game, you can start with the demo mode (fun) or use their faucet to start playing for free!

PocketDice is a reliable and serious betting site that has existed since 2015. The game is not different from another classic game of dice, two dice are thrown at each bet, followed by a total of 2 to 12. So you must bet or attempt to predict if the score is less than or greater than one of these numbers.


Join Pocket Dice and claim 1000 satoshis each hour to play dice for free. If you feel you are in your lucky day you can also make a deposit (no minimum required) and get a 100% bonus (careful though to confirm this bonus you must wager 700 times the amount of it) you can of course at any time choose to cancel this bonus.

Preview PocketDice game.


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